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All you need to do is upload a video of your child and our software will do the rest.

"It is difficult to assess the child's development in a short time period during well-child checks. I wish I could see videos or have more time with the children."
Physician (Pathfinder Health survey, November 2022)

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What parents say

“I would absolutely show this to my pediatrician, especially if I had questions on behaviors because you’re not always going to see the behaviors in a clinical setting.”  

— Jessica Z.

“What is unique is that you’ll have an expert review this based on the videos that you upload. That is what would bring me and other parents back.”

— Carly A.

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The only developmental monitoring tool that puts control into your hands.

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Continual monitoring, ongoing screening, and developmental insights all within your daily routine!

Improved outcomes

Enhance your child’s development daily and know when things are on track. Know if and when to act - early identification and intervention are proven to improve outcomes. 

Developmental monitoring made easy!

Don't miss out on this revolutionary new tool that can help detect developmental delays early!

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